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New Student Registration                                   $30.00

*New Student Registration Is Due At Time Of Sign Up

*Classes Are Once A Week

*Classes Start August 27th 2018 & Run Thru                                                                                      The Beginning of June 2019

THERE WILL BE A TUITION PRICE INCREASE                                                                      STARTING JANUARY 1ST 2019                                                                                                            ALL GROUP CLASSES WILL GO UP $5.00 PER MONTH

 Pre-Ballet & Tap Combo (beginners)

$50.00 per month

 Pre-Ballet, Jazz & Tap Combo(younger children)

$50.00 per month

 Pre-ballet, Jazz & Tap Combo (older children)

$50.00 per month

 Hip Hop            $50.00 per month
                          $5.00 per class if taken with a combo class

Barre Class       $10.00 per class
                          $5.00 per class if taken with a combo class

 Adult Classes                                  $50.00 per month
 Adult Barre Drop-in                         $5.00 per class
Multiple Child Discount                    $40 for 2nd child


*Class Fee Is Paid Monthly

*Class Fee Is Due The First Class Of Each Month

 *All Classes Must Be Paid For, Even If Not Attended